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Merger & Acquisitions

The Seabury Maritime team has represented numerous companies throughout the Mergers & Acquisitions process. We leverage our extensive experience and network of strategic and financial investors to assist clients that are looking to divest or acquire a company. As a client looking to expand your business, Seabury Maritime has years of industry knowledge to advise you on where and how to take your business strategically. The team at Seabury Maritime can assist with Due Diligence and will always work to get our clients value for money.

Sales & Divestitures

The industry is changing at a rapid pace. With new regulations, economic constraints, and the need for more capital to fund infrastructure investments, it can be a challenge for all of us at times. The solution for your business may be to consolidate your assets around your company’s core competencies. At Seabury Maritime you have a team that has firsthand experience in your situation, having been a part of numerous sales & divestitures across the industry. We will not only find the best client for you that is offering what you are asking for, but also one that gels with your social and ethical terms.

Private Placements

Through Seabury Maritime’s extensive industry relationships, we can assist your company to find the right amount of capital you are looking for and on your terms. The main benefit of raising capital in the private markets is how effective and efficient a deal can be constructed in a professional setting. When your company decides it wants to raise capital you need it immediately and not held up by the public market. Seabury Capital has a team of industry advisors to help navigate your way through the sale to closure.

Corporate Valuations

Understanding your value relative to your competitors is essential in today’s changing market place. Yet a valuation on paper is nothing but a number. At Seabury Maritime, through researching your company and analyzing the market place, we can provide you with an accurate valuation based on empirical data and logical justification.. The professionals at Seabury Maritime have vast experience derived from previous valuations of niche companies to global operating ohemoths.. Seabury Maritime’s experts can help you understand where your company stands relative to its peers from both a local and international perspective, to further identify key markets that would benefit your company.

Strategic Advisory

Experience and industry analysis. This is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. When you are looking for an advisor to navigate through this ever changing industry, you will find that the professionals at Seabury Maritime are second to none. We can assist in everything from turning imperfections into strengths to helping you determine a new market to enter or business to acquire. Our team of experts have their finger on the pulse of the ever evolving industry and will ensure you make the right decisions that will help you drive the value of your company higher.


The economic downturn has effected trade patterns both domestically and internationally, which have caused some companies to file for chapter 11 or Chapter 15 bankruptcies. Before ending up in this situation the restructuring of debt, preferred-mortgages, insurance contracts, or leasing arrangements could free up cash flow to maintain operations. Seabury Maritime has experience with complicated Jones Act restructurings where the holder of restructured debt must be American from advising both lenders and borrowers. The process for maritime restructurings starts with comprehensive analysis of the market to find the most lucrative positions for your company. Followed by Seabury Maritime finding lenders or buyers under your preferred terms and overseeing the liquidation or purchase of assets.

Merchant Banking

Not only can Seabury Maritime help to find your business the right third party capital, but in many cases, we are also prepared to invest alongside as well, which is further evidence of our commitment to driving client growth. Seabury Maritime respects your long-term goals and previous achievements and with fair and sufficient investment, we look forward to creating a mutual partnership into the future.

Securities transactions conducted through our affiliate, Seabury Securities LLC, Member: FINRA/SIPC.