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Seabury Maritime delivers assignments for a variety of different stakeholders across the globe, including international and domestic corporations, ocean, air, motor and rail carriers, port authorities, terminal operators, labor unions/management, financial institutions, beneficial cargo owners, infrastructure developers, government agencies and legal counsel.

Ocean, Air, Motor & Rail Carriers

Cargo volumes across all transportation nodes will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years, putting today’s supply chains under increasing pressure. Whether you are an airline, ocean carrier or rail road, our research, industry insight and deep understanding of today’s emerging tech trends, can be the difference maker among competitors.

Port Authorities

Looking to privatize your port? Considering strategies to redesign or optimize your layout or cargo mix? Seabury Maritime can help you better understand the market, financial, and operational variables that will affect the success of your port going forward. The team at Seabury Maritime will assist you in your efforts to expand or consolidate your operation in a way that is most beneficial to you and all your stakeholders.

Terminal Operators

Terminal operators have one of the most critical jobs in the industry. They single handedly control how efficient cargo can come in and out of the port but begrudgingly are the most scrutinized by officials inside and out of the industry. Terminal Operators have to manage unions, new technologies, and intermodal facilities all while seamlessly managing the flow of global trade. The team at Seabury Maritime can pull from experience in terminal operations around the globe and how to effectively manage the evolving dynamics our clients face.

Financial Institutions

If you are considering an investment or divestment in a terminal, intermodal or marine asset, we can provide you with the necessary due diligence and industry advisory to ensure you make the right deal. These type of assets can provide consistent returns over a long term investment and the Seabury Maritime team can assist you with your appraisal of properties, finding opportunities to invest, and consult you on the risks associated in these industries.

Beneficial Cargo Owners

As cargo owners - you deserve to have complete trust and visibility in the carriers that are transporting your valuable cargo across the supply chain. Seabury Maritime has extensive relationships throughout the supply chain, including the NVOCCs and Freight Forwarders who often are responsible for arranging the carriage of your goods. In helping design your supply chain, we can provide piece of mind that your precious cargo will arrive safely at the destination.

Infrastructure Developers

The infrastructure in many countries struggles to keep up with the growing demands of world trade, often creating inefficiencies of our intermodal operations. While cumbersome, this creates a tremendous opportunity for the world’s infrastructure developers as significant investment into our highways, airports, and ports and terminals is needed to handle the cargo volume that is now being transported throughout our country. As Seabury Maritime how they have assisted private investors that want to invest in our countries infrastructure.

Government Agencies

Government agencies, often burdened with the need to increase efficiencies at a time when the availability of public funding is waning, need creative solutions to fund projects. Our end-to-end solution which combines investment banking with industry advisory can provide a host of funding options for you to maintain your competitive edge. Whether finding a strategic minority investor or helping privatize a state-owned asset, ask the team at Seabury Maritime how they can assist.

Legal Counsel

The maritime and intermodal industries are regularly undergoing changes in the legal regime with many new precedents being set every year which can impact your business. This change in regulations can cause chaos to your operations without having the right advice to help navigate through the issues. Contact our team of subject matter experts with your questions and we’re happy to help.