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Strategic & Business Planning

In order for a business or organization to be successful in any industry you must have a clear set of short and long term goals, and a system in place to measure how far you are along in the pursuit of them. At Seabury Maritime, we will bring our extensive industry experience to bear in advising you on which opportunities would pair best with your core competencies, and offer new pertinent information that will affect your company going forward. Form a partnership with Seabury Maritime to modernize and strengthen your value proposition.

Operational Analysis

If you are looking to expand or modify your operations, Seabury Maritime’s team of professionals have conducted numerous operational analysis and planning exercises across a wide cargo range. We will leverage this experience to find opportunities in your operation to eliminate waste and enhance profitability. Seabury Maritime will carefully consider all variables and develop short and long term improvement areas, to become more effective and efficient.

Financial Analysis & Planning

A project is seldom worth taking on if it is not financially feasible for you in the short term or long term. At Seabury Maritime, we will analyze market factors, capital requirements, and projected growth and financial returns to provide you with a project plan that delivers the maximum Internal Rate of Return. If you have already embarked on a project and are looking for an analysis of how effective you are doing on your own, we can offer ways to improve the efficiencies. Seabury Maritime have represented many clients including Ports and Terminals, NVO’s, Carriers and Tankers, and Freight Forwarders on financial planning.

Economic Analysis & Impacts

If you are looking to expand your business or get started in a new industry it is vital to your company’s success that you understand the economics and the impact that your business decisions will have. At Seabury Maritime we understand your business and the market trends shaping it. Economic Impact Analysis is also a requirement at time to enter the market, secure funding or a federal & state grant. Our analysis can help you understand the downstream impacts of your business so stakeholders of all types can better appreciate your part in the competitive transportation ecosystem.

Master Planning

Port and terminal assets are faced with a critical question – how do we make the best use of their facilities and plan for the long-term, taking into account a constantly evolving industry and cargo development occurring at an uneven pace. Seabury Maritime will meet with your team, interview stakeholders and analyze cargo supply/demand balances to establish a long-term master plan capable of accommodating future growth.

Intermodal Analysis & Planning

The extensive capital costs and hyper competitiveness in the intermodal industry mean that any operational cost you can take out of your business puts you in a stronger position relative to your rival. Companies that are currently operating in the Intermodal industry understand that offering the right product in the right location can make or break a business. Seabury Maritime has counseled many rail, drayage, Investors, and Ports and Terminals regarding the intermodal market. Seabury Maritime can assist your company in looking at new markets to enter, cost of capital, financial structuring plans, and the best way to make the most out of your investment.

Transaction Advisory

The Seabury Maritime team can assist in every part of your transaction by offering legal, due diligence and financial counsel. As industry experts in a variety of transport-centric fields, Seabury Maritime understands the constraints and inner workings of large transactions as well as how to derive the most value for our clients during each step of the negotiation. With transactions often exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars, having the right advice is vital.

Due Diligence

The research and accurate valuation of a company that is on your radar can make all the difference in a transaction or a planned market entry. Seabury Maritime will perform in depth research to uncover everything they can about a company or product for you. Our industry experts compare what they learn against years of industry experience and industry metrics to make sure matters are understood from all angles.

Investor Sourcing

Maritime and Intermodal investments have been known to generate consistently strong returns and attract a variety of different investor types. With an extensive list of well-respected institutional investors, private equity and foreign multilateral agencies, we are confident we can find the correct investor for your project or business.

Market Intelligence & Analysis

Before embarking on any strategic business decision, its important to have all the facts and a clear understanding of the market and its potential. Our goal at Seabury Maritime is to give you technical data and detailed analysis with an explanation behind market drivers and opportunities that will benefit your business.

Supply Chain Design/Integration

Technological advances and evolving trade lanes are reshaping today’s supply chains on a regular basis. Visibility and integration are the new buzz words. Seabury Maritime has a network of clients working across the supply chain with the latest technologies and can help your business take the next step towards implementation.

Business Development

Looking to acquire a new business or not certain about a particular market? Need boots on the ground to help with a project or client capture strategy? Creating long-term value for organizations from customers, markets and relationships is a pinnacle of the Seabury Maritime philosophy. We are ready to work for you.

Asset Deployment & Optimization

The successful deployment of assets is one of the most difficult tasks required by a company. With new management strategies to minimize variable costs, control fixed costs, and optimize asset utilization that will help improve your Return on Assets (ROA), Seabury Maritime can help you.

Industry Technology Applications

As with every industry, the use of new technologies can be difficult to adopt but also yield higher profits and returns by reducing operational expense. We can assist you in finding the right technologies for your business as well as source personnel who know how to implement and use new technologies effectively. Seabury Maritime have built strong relationships with promising technological companies that can almost immediately improve your efficiencies.


With so many different options currently in the market for fuel, cranes, tugs, and supply chain technology, it can be difficult to make sense of what is best. We can assist you in selecting the right supplier and at the right price as well as implement effective procurement strategies and policies for your business going forward.

Commercial Navigation Projects

Federal and regional waterways transport millions of tons of commercial freight annually. From coordinating dredging projects to studying the economic viability of a short sea shipping route, the Seabury Maritime professionals have experience in delivering successful projects.

Organizational Transformation

To meet our performance goals or to stay ahead of the competition in a constantly evolving industry, managers need to be nimble and sometimes reinvent their organization. At Seabury Maritime, we leverage our understanding of the global trends shaping today’s business environment so we can help your organization develop the ideal structure and initiatives to stay on course.